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My Inspiration and technique were gained by observing rare footage in the back room of the Andy Warhol Museum in 1999. The Iconic artist was at work mastering the art of screen printing and discussing in detail his method. Compliments of the curator for educational purposes during a field trip while I was an art student at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale.

The following are flashbacks from the past, a collection of moments during my journey as an artist. I look back at some of these memories with a bit of sadness and regret having lost the incredible good fortune I once had. The 2,000 sq ft studio, the luxurious Austin gallery, the respect and admiration of the children who I taught art lessons to every day. 2020 sucked real bad.

I invite you to follow me onto the next chapter of my art career where it’s not so easy now because, well – I’m starting over. I’m creating art now as a true professional, not just a hobby or bored housewife.

“This is my livelihood. I think I’m pretty much unemployable now because all I’ve ever known is to be an entrepreneur”

Karen Salem

….But that’s OK there is really nothing I’d rather be doing than making people happy with a beautiful painting that evokes emotion and joy in their hearts and home. I believe original art in the home can kinder the spirit and transform lives.

Karen Salem Andy Warhol Museum
Andy Warhol Museum Pittsburgh Pa.

Opening Night at My Gallery – Estancia Art…

My art classes for kids & adults were the bomb!

Karen’s Gallery – Estancia Art – Austin, Texas

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