Artist Biography

 Karen Salem is an American screen-printing artist Inspired by nostalgic symbolism and the splendor of nature. 

She superimposes Iconic images into stunning interpretations of emotional impact while avoiding the pitfalls of cliche.

Her work represents a contrast between the superficiality of American pop culture and nature conservation. 

Original art in the home can kinder the spirit and transform lives”.

– Karen Salem

Her proprietary technique is an impulsive application utilizing unconventional tools and mediums that appeal to her impatient nature.  

She squeegees black ink over colorful, intuitive, abstracts leaving a translucent melding of mediums.

Her work has been exhibited in galleries, fairs, interior designer showrooms, and private collections throughout Texas New York, and Florida. 

Karen in her studio

Kids’ art classes and paint & sip parties!

Let’s create something together!

No frame needed 48 x 60 x 1.5″

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